Mala Bissoon Bsc., MNIMH
Medical Herbalist 

I have been practising as a Medical Herbalist since 2001 after completing a four year Degree course at the College of Phytotherapy. This was an in-depth and well-rounded training, which provided a very sound base to practice as it covered both traditional use of herbs and the scientific and clinical basis of their use.

The most appealing thing about herbal medicine is its simplicity. Some of our most powerful and versatile herbs are weeds you would find in your garden, or the hedgerows, waste ground or public land. Some of them are pests you may spend years annihilating (such as horsetail) but are irreplaceably useful in the dispensary.

Herbal Medicine used to be the primary source of healthcare in this country, as it still is in many others. Every household used to have its favourite remedies to treat sore throats, colds or fevers, but over time this knowledge has been lost to most.

Herbal Medicine can often provide a safe alternative to visiting your doctor, but always ensure that the herbalist you choose has been properly trained and belongs to one of the major professional organisations.